Discover Unseen (Mixed Adventure)



Join our team on the "Discover Unseen", an overland program to explore Iran's unseen & off the beaten track, with a team that is leads by experts who spent years to explore Iran and are ready to team up with you in 2019-20 for once in a life time kind of journey to Iran's beauty, something way away from how others have experienced Iran.


During April to July 2019-20 you may want to join us for the "Discover Unseen" program and land trip to Iran's unseen, off roads, remote areas, unexplored locations and colorful plains that are enclosed by mountains and carpeted by flowers which are located in the real off the beaten track in Eco adventure way, as a part of us to enrich your traveling resume with this less discovered country... .


The program in which you are invited to, is to join a team which operates by the members who combine their experience and knowledge with their sense of leading-professionalism to explore Iran's undiscovered nature, wilderness and adventure to create an unforgettable life time memory in the 2019-20 "Discover Unseen" program.


What is "Discover Unseen"?


Discover Unseen describes self-reliant adventure travel to remote destinations where the journey is the primary goal. Typically, but not exclusively, accommodated by mechanized off-highway capable transport (from bicycles to trucks) where the principal form of lodging is camping. 


Technical terrain can be encountered throughout the journey, and the travelers may even seek out the most challenging route to a destination as part of their experience, but overland travel is not the same as recreational "fourwheeling", where the primary objective is overcoming challenging obstacles. The critical point to the term Discover Unseen is that the purpose is to include of the following: 1. Camping in remote locations, 2. Cultures other than your own, 3. Under-explored or under-documented regions Discovery, 4. Self-reliance in unfamiliar territories for multiple days 5. Hiking to untouched locations 6. Cross Talesh mountains through off road 


  1. Primary purpose: Exploration and adventure travel
  2. Duration: 11 nights
  3. Logistics: Detailed planning is required for off road, environmental, geographic, camping equipments & supply
  4. Route Finding: Navigation devices & local experience
  5. Camping: Remote or established campgrounds
  6. International Borders: N/A
  7. Risk: Low risk to personnel, moderate risk to equipment on more challenging tracks.
  8. Terrain: Backcountry travel often includes challenging trails as part of the adventure



Glimpse of the program


  • 12 days of exploring through Iran's undiscovered nature and culture 

  • Total traveling distance 2,100KM 
  • Off road: 120KM 
  • Get a close touch with tribal people and their lifestyle 
  • Hike up to "Ghale Roud Khan" Fort  and discover its 1,000 years old secrets 
  • Land-trip around west of Alborz range & cross the east-face to the west-face through remote Areas and off-roads on Talesh mountains to Ardabil province. (Off road & Camping) (Expedition main goal) (more info on the itinerary)
  • Visit unique villages up to 2,500M above sea level.
  • Culture & Adventure to the max.
  • Total hiking: 10KM 
  • Altitude: 0/0 to +2,500
  • Camping in marvelous plains 
  • Experience local and tribal people's support & supplements during camp days to make their life style more sustainable as a part of Eco tourism(If you like you can bring some school supplements for the kids in the villages)
  • Real taste of countryside in Eco adventure
  • Visit different ethnic groups, Azari, Gilaki & Taleshi.
  • Chance to join for rock Climbing (More info in the itinerary)
  • Road trip to the most astonishing path way of Iran (Asalem to Khalkhal)
  • Explore mysterious places that exhibit Iran's history & culture
  • Experience Persian culinary art and cuisines
  • Challenge your self in Iran, the country that least discovered by international explorers because of the lack of info structures for international tourism.
  • Visit villages with more than thousand years of history
  • Famous bazaars, ancient treasures and UNESCO world heritage sites along the way
  • Two recovery days 
  • Hiking to deep Caspian Hyrcanian mixed forest to have the chance to see beautiful waterfalls



Traveling plan ( Overlanding in Iran )


Day 1

Reach to Iran IK airport / pick up and check in to hotel in Tehran / Breakfast / visiting Golestan palace (UNESCO heritage site) and Grand bazaar of Tehran. "depending on your arrival time"


Day 2

Hit the road to Ghale rudkhan and hike to it's famous fort then continue the journey to Masuleh (overnight at Masuleh)


Day 3

Discover Masuleh village/ short hike to Kharbu waterfalls / explore masuleh bazar (1000 years old village)


Day 4

Breakfast in masuleh / offroad to Subatan (off road and overnight camping)

Note: Subatan consider one of the most beautiful remote area of Iran located in elevation of 2300m.


Day 5

Second day of Subatan, explore the area on feet, get to know the tribal people and their lifestyle.


Day 6

Cross Talesh mountains and off road to Neor lake located 2500m above sea level that enclosed by mountains (overnight camping)

Note: The path between Subatan to Neor lake is almost 37km but it will take around 4 to 5 hours

including all the stops for the eye catching views and visiting tribal people and the rocky road. 


Day 7 ( Recovery Day)

Neor lake to Ardabil city and check in to the accommodation "free and easy day" / visit ( sheikh safi-ad-din Ardabili tomb UNESCO heritage site)


Day 8

Ardabil - Fandoghlu forest; discovering Fandoghlu forest on wheels (overnight camping)

From Sarein to Fandoghlu protected forest we will have a stop in Ardabil for a few hours to visit Sheikh safi al-din ardabily shrine (UNESCO heritage site)


Day 9

Second day in Fandoghlu protected forest and visit the chamomile plains (overnight camping)

Note: Fandoghlu forest still one of the untouched and less civilized location of Iran starting from 1500m to 1850m above sea level and the temperature of +37c to -36c depending on the season.


Day 10  (Recovery Day)


Land trip to masal, and check in to the accommodation. (Kalkhal to Asalem road which is the most beautiful path of Iran)


Day 11

Masal to Visadar waterfall on the way and back to Tehran and Check-in to the Hotel in Tehran / debrifing


Day 12

Tehran day tour (depending on you flight time) / Transfer to Iran IK airport



  • Accommodation: 11 nights
  • Transportation: 4x4 travel vehicle
  • Fuel, toll cost, or any cost related to the vehicle
  • Meals:  full-board + snacks
  • Equipment: tent, sleeping bag, Matt, cooking gear, cutlery, fridge, GPS
  • Remote areas water, food, fuel supplies
  • Camping power supply
  • All the entrance fee
  • Experienced guidance
  • WiFi on board
  • Survival kit



  • Travel insurance
  • Phone calls
  • Visa cost
  • Tips to local guidance
  • Flight ticket
  • Personal needs


Locations info

  • Roudkhan Castle

Climbing up the stairs to an ancient castle located on the crest of the mountain , the building belongs to the "Sasani Era" situated 715M above the sea level which made this castle unbeaten and because of its unique design the valley never been conquered through the history.


  • Masouleh valley

stopping by an ancient village called "Masouleh" located 35 km from "Fuman" county in Gilan Province 1050 meter above the sea level. masouleh is well known of its unique and outstanding architecture with interconnected mud houses built on the slope in the heart of Hyrcanian mixed forest.
this historic valley built with harmony between mother nature and mankind, is the choice for visitors from all around the world. hanging out in the old streets and bazaar with yummy food, historic Bazaar and different souvenir shops will fascinate every visitor. 


  • Masal & Shanderman valley

Driving into the forest of northern Gilan province to reach the beautiful landscapes of this highland, Called "Green Roof of Gilan", standing in high status of beauty that has not lost its attraction even in the sight of many visitors. the area offers such as, caves, waterfalls, stonewalls, trekking and hiking.


  • Subatan Valley

continue over-landing to "Talesh" mountains on off-Road to reach this remote area which known as "Hidden Paradise" in the heart of Talesh highlands.
subatan is the most important touristic place of the area, it is home for nature lovers but it welcomes visitors only during spring and summer seasons.


  • Neor Lake

continue Off-Roading 40 KM through breathtaking plains between Subatan to Neor lake path that carpeted with flowers and green grass to reach this magnificent lake (Its the day that our team will aim to cross Talesh mountains from Gilan province to Ardabil province) 


  • Ardabil city

Ardabil is one of the most beautiful and attractive cities of Iran for sites, tourist attractions and historical tastes. This city is situated in a silk route has a high economic progress. Ardabil is 578 km from Tehran, 210 km, from northeastern of Tabriz, 40 km from Iran and Azerbaijan republic borders. This city is located in a flat plain and its remarkable rivers are Balighloo Chai, Ghori Chai and Ghareh Soo. Its handicrafts are durries rug; coarse blankets, Patent leather, Shawl, Masnad, Pottery, Wood industrial, leather and carpet and its souvenirs are cream, honey, black Halva and native pastry.


  • Fandoghloo forest

This vast jungle is located in 25 kilometers away from Ardabil and 10 kilometers from Namin city in the elevation of 1700M. It is one of the great tourism attraction of Iran due to it's beautiful and eye-catching attractions like waterfalls, hot springs in the heart of the jungle and the variety of infrequent flowers, beside the beauty of these flowers that have covered the area, most of them are actually medicinal plants and hazelnut trees.


  • Khalkhal - Asalem Road 

people call it the "Route to Heaven" ... the path links the cities of "Khal Khal" and " Asalem" in Gilan province, undoubtedly one of the most dreamy roads you have ever seen, and even more pleasant during spring time, the area has so much to offer.  


  • Visadar Waterfall

The Visadar waterfall which is the 3th longest waterfall in Gilan province, is the unique rocky shape waterfall, is an eye-catching view that is really mind blower.

Just in front of the waterfall there is a bridge that you can go on it and have a different view of the waterfall and also capturing better pictures.



shopping and gathering needs



Once you reach to IKA in Tehran you have landed in the capital city of Iran which is one of the city in Iran that is known for it's big bazaar and shopping complexes, also your accommodation where you are going to spend a night in Tehran is almost close to the biggest bazaar of Tehran in the city center where we can head to the bazaar to have a look around and visit the oldest bazaar of Tehran, we can do some shopping or even if you have forgotten anything back home or you need some extra stuff to gather your needs for the program, we will help you find it all there, from pharmacy to camping equipment, clothing and whatever else that you need.


going further during our trip we will be in some villages and also cities that you can gather your needs and do some sopping as well, but off course not as complete as Tehran's bazaars, but will be enough for basic needs, so you don't needs to be worry about that.

starting with ghale rudkhan, the castle where there is not much of shopping but only some small local markets that sells some simple drinks and snacks and the local people who are selling some handicrafts and souvenirs. 


the next stop will be masuleh village which has a small but really colorful bazaar where you can find some Iranian food, supermarket and also you can buy beautiful handicrafts and souvenirs from the bazaar.


as we will spend a night in masuleh you will have your own time to hang around the bazaar and buy some souvenirs and look around. after masuleh we will head to masal valley, subatan valley and neor lake where we will be quite far from any markets or shopping, but keep that in mind that on the way to these destinations we will stop by markets to gather our needs and only in subatan valley there will be a shop in the village which is a little away from where we camp that sells natural honey from 10 to 50 dollars depending on how many grams or kilo you want.



Cost 2019/20

Group of 5 to 7 / 2250  EUR Per Pax - Full board

Group of 2 to 4 / 2450 EUR Per Pax - F/B




Note 1: The following itinerary is flexible and you can customize it depend on your traveling plan and preferred duration from 5 days safari to the full itinerary which the price will be variable up on your request.


Note 2: If you would like to book any of our expeditions, please complete the online reservation from on our website. We will then contact you with more details about how to complete your booking. Payments may be made in cash on delivery to our expedition leader rather than in advance.



WARNING: value customers! please be aware that if you sign up for any of our expeditions with an outside agency or source, expedition planners team will not be held responsible for any lost of personal items, injury, hospitalization, visa assistance, safety, cancellation or fatality that occurs during the expedition. please stay safe and ONLY sign up for any of our expeditions directly through our website or find our direct contact from our website menu. 



Hiking: 12KM

Alt: 0/0 to +2500M

waterfall: 5

total distance: 2500KM

Off Road: 140KM

Max Participants: 9 pack

Duration: 15 Days

Camping: 6N

Vehicle: 4x4

UNESCO sites: 3

Traveling Form: On Land