Golden Pedal (Cycling Iran)



Join our team on golden pedal expedition to cycle one of the most unique location of Iran with it's astonishing landscape, especial wild life and variable plants with high climax and History From 4000BC plus Cycling in Jahan Nama which is proposed as a UNESCO heritage site.

During may to July we created an epic chance for our participants to join our cycling expedition to cross east alborz range from the north face to the south face (Gilan to Semnan province) and witness the real beauty by cycling deep in to alborz range area

Golden pedal expedition is the result of of gathering experiences of different technical fields in one shot with the main objective of cycling in Iran to enter one of the most unique landscape in Iran on the right season.



What is "Golden Pedal"?


Golden Pedal describes cycling adventure travel to remote destinations where the crossing east alborz range of Iran is the primary goal. Typically, but not exclusively, accommodated by mechanized off-highway capable transport where the principal form of lodging is camping and home-stay


Technical skills can be encountered throughout the journey, and the travelers may even seek out the most challenging route to a destination as part of their adventure, The critical point to the term Golden Pedal is that the purpose is to include of the following: 1. cross alborz range from north to east face 2. camping in remote locations 3. offroading when cycling not possible 4.Under-explored or under-documented regions Discovery 5. travel to jahannama refuge


  1. Primary purpose: cycling and adventure travel
  2. Duration: 8 nights
  3. Logistics: Detailed planning is required for cycling, off road, environmental, geographic, camping equipment, supply & mapping
  4. Route Finding: Navigation devices & local experience
  5. Camping: Remote or established campgrounds + home-stay
  6. International Borders: N/A
  7. Risk: Mid risk to personnel, moderate risk to equipment on more challenging tracks.
  8. Terrain: Back-country travel and off-road often includes challenging trails as part of the adventure



Glimpse of the program


  • 9 days of exploring and cycling through Iran's alborz range
  • Total traveling distance 1000KM
  • Off road: 90KM
  • Get a close touch with tribal people and their lifestyle
  • Hiking in "Jahannama refuge"
  • Land-trip around east of Alborz range & cross the north-face to the south-face. (cycling & overlanding )
  • Visit unique villages up to 2,600M above sea level.
  • Cycle & Adventure to the max.
  • Total cycling: 110KM (-10 _+10)
  • Altitude: 0/0 to +2,600
  • Camping in marvelous plains
  • Experience local and tribal people's support & supplements during camping day to make their life style more sustainable as a part of Eco tourism. (If you like you can bring some school supplements for the kids in the villages)
  • Real taste of countryside in Eco adventure.
  • one of the most astonishing landscape & nature
  • Experience Persian culinary art and cuisines
  • Challenge your self in Iran, the country that least discovered by international explorers because of the lack of info structures for international tourism.
  • Visit villages with more than thousand years of history
  • Famous bazaars, ancient treasures and UNESCO world heritage sites
  • cycling to deep Caspian Hyrcanian mixed forest to explore more around Jahan nama refuge which is propose as UNESCO heritage site



Traveling plan - Cycling in Iran



Reach to Iran IK airport, pick up and check in to hotel in Tehran, breakfast, free and easy, briefing, lunch, visit golestan palace(UNESCO heritage site), dinner



Hit the road to Kordkooy, breakfast on the way, start offroading to Derazno village, check in to the accomodation, lunch, cycling around Derazno village, dinner



breakfast, cycle to Radkan fort and village, brunch, continue cycling to Jahan nama refuge, check in to local house, lunch, explore the village on feet, Dinner



Breakfast, cycle around Jahan nama refuge, lunch, free & easy, optional sunset walk, Dinner



Breakfast, cycle to Chaman savar, lunch, camp up, explore around, BBQ dinner



Breakfast, cycle to Tang e shamshir bor, lunch, continue overlanding to Damghan, check in to accommodation, dinner




Breakfast, Visit Tarikhane temple, lunch, visit Tepe hesar Historical Structure built 4000BC , Dinner




Breakfast, hit the road to Tehran, lunch on the way, check in to hotel in Tehran, debriefing, Dinner



Transfer to IK airport, fly back




  • Accommodation: 8 nights
  • Transportation: 4x4 travel vehicle
  • Fuel, toll cost, or any cost related to the vehicle
  • Meals: of potion + snacks
  • Equipment: tent, sleeping bag, Matt, cooking gear, cutlery, fridge, GPS and etc
  • Remote areas water, food, fuel supplies
  • Camping power supply
  • All the entrance fee
  • Experienced guidance
  • Survival kit
  • on-land backup





  • Travel insurance
  • Phone calls
  • Visa cost
  • Tips to local guidance
  • Flight ticket
  • Personal needs
  • bicycles
  • any other that not specified





Location info



Cost 2019

Group of 2 to 4 / 1200 EUR Per Pax

Group of 5 to 6 / 1100 EUR Per Pax


If you are a solo traveler or a group more than 6 people please contact us for more information



Note 1: The following itinerary is flexible and you can customize it depend on your traveling plan and preferred duration from 5 days expedition to the full itinerary which the price will be variable up on your request and needs.



Note 2: If you would like to book any of our expeditions, please complete the online reservation from on our website or Email us on:, We will then contact you with more details about how to complete your booking. Payments may be made in cash on delivery to our expedition leader rather than in advance.



WARNING: value customers! please be aware that if you sign up for any of our expeditions with an outside agency or source, expedition planners team will not be held responsible for any lost of personal items, injury, hospitalization, visa assistance, safety, cancellation or fatality that occurs during the expedition. please stay safe and ONLY sign up for any of our expeditions directly through our website or find our direct contact from our website menu.