H2O Rush (Scuba Diving)


Join our team on the "H2O Rush" Expedition, a Diving program to explore Iran's underwater world, with a team that is leads by diving experts who spent years to explore below the surface in Persian Gulf and are ready to team up with you in 2019 - 20 for once in a life time kind of journey to Iran's underwater beauty, A diving journey that NOT many Scuba diver experienced in the world.


You can join us for the "H2o Rush" program and Experience scuba diving in Iran's unique dive sites which lies on the Persian Gulf reefs from ship wreck for WW2 to beautiful coral reefs with variety of spices in Eco adventure way plus the longest salt cave in the world, as a part of our diving team to enrich your traveling resume with this less discovered country... .


You will have a chance to join a team which operates by the members who combine their experience and knowledge in scuba diving with their sense of leading-professionalism to explore Iran's undiscovered nature, wilderness and diving to create an unforgettable life time memory in the 2019 - 20 "H2O Rush" Expedition.


What is "H2O Rush"?

H2O Rush Expedition describes self-reliant adventure travel to remote destinations where the Scuba Diving is the primary goal. accommodated by beach Local House & Hotels in Qeshm & Hormoz Island where the principal form of the expedition is Scuba Diving & Sightseeing


Technical Scuba diving skills can be encountered throughout the journey, and to enroll in this program travelers need to be a certified scuba diver and travelers my even seek out the most unique scuba diving destinations as a part of their experience in Iran. The critical purpose to the term of the H2O Rush is to include of the following: 1. scuba diving in top dive sites in Persian gulf, 2. Cultures other than your own, 3. Under-explored dive sites experience 4. Self-reliance in unfamiliar territories for multiple days 5. visiting natural wonder areas 6. experience local beach houses 7. diving with local scuba diving professionals to learn more about Iran's underwater secrets


  1. Primary purpose: Scuba diving and Exploring
  2. Duration: 9 nights
  3. Logistics: Detailed planning is required for dive sites, environmental, geographic, diving equipment & supply
  4. Route Finding: N/A
  5. Accommodation: local house & hotels
  6. International Borders: N/A
  7. Risk: Low risk to equipment, low risk to personnel
  8. Terrain: Ferry, flights and overland



Traveling plan ( Scuba Diving in Iran )


Day 1

Reach to Iran IK airport, get pick up and check in to the hotel in Tehran / breakfast / visit Golestan palace / briefing


Day 2

Breakfast in the hotel then fly to Qeshm island and check in to the hotel then lunch and visiting star valley in the afternoon, dinner


Day 3

breakfast in the hotel then visit Hara protected area, lunch, visit the Namakdan salt cave (longest salt cave in the world 6.8KM) / dinner


Day 4

Breakfast in the hotel / take the ferry to Hormuz island / check in to local house then visiting natural statue valley and dive briefing in the afternoon / dinner


Day 5

Breakfast / (dive 1) / rest and lunch / (dive 2) in the afternoon / free and easy / dinner


Day 6

Breakfast / (dive 3) / lunch / visit the stunning red sand beach of Hormuz to catch the sunset / dinner


Day 7

Breakfast / (dive 4) / lunch then (dive 5) / visit rainbow valley / dinner


Day 8 ( Recovery Day)

Breakfast / visit salt cave / lunch / boat ride to black sand beach to catch the sunset / dinner


Day 9

Breakfast/ ferry to Qeshm island / fly back to Tehran / check in to the hotel in Tehran / lunch / visit Saad abad palace / dinner


Day 10

Breakfast in the hotel /  transfer to airport  (depending on your departure time)



  • Accommodation: 9 nights
  • Transportation: domestic flight, ferry and overland transportation
  • Fuel, toll cost, or any cost related to the vehicles
  • Meals: full board
  • Equipment: diving equipment
  • All the entrance fee
  • Experienced guidance
  • 5 dives
  • Scuba dive leader
  • Dive sites boat transfer
  • Diving permission



  • Travel insurance
  • Phone calls
  • Visa cost
  • Tips to local guidance
  • International flight ticket
  • Personal needs
  • Any other that not specified


Locations info


Qeshm Island:

Qeshm island is the largest island in iran located in persian gulf; the length is 150KM and the width is 25 KM which is famous for its 7 wonders, it is known with its biologically diverse mangrove forests, large wooden cargo boats that have criss-crossed the gulf for centuries, untouched beaches and Bandari style villages that a glimpse of it are the significant canyons,breathtaking hills, caves and valleys, which are a the best choice for nature-lovers and are protected as part of the Unesco-recognised, that we will visit'em in this program.
Here, locals wear traditional dress, the houses cooled by "badgirs" (wind towers) that can be a unique experience and good photography option; The island has a different variety of wildlife, including birds, reptiles, dolphins and turtles so If you're looking for an unique island experience, Qeshm is a good choice.

Hormuz island:

Welcome to the Marc... . the beauty, atmosphere and wonders of this small island cant be describe in few paragraphs. this island has only one road and no cars, just motorbikes; the island has no resorts, just the traditional simple home-stays but with magically positive atmosphere. Most of its visitors are able to reach Hormuz from Bandar Abbas or Qeshm.
the 42-sq-km of the island is virtually uninhabited. The rugged interior will remind you the picture of Marc; this scenic geological wonderland, gathers different-coloured volcanic rocks and soils that are in rainbow color and the coastline with the stunning mix of golden, red and black sand beaches with awesome bluffs will definitely astonished you.
below the surface of this magnificent island lies some amazing scuba diving sites that will be explore with 5 Dives in this package.




Dive sites Info


Super tanker:

The tanker drowned during the Iran-Iraq war almost 30 yrs ago, which is located south of Qeshm Island and west of Larak Island
Depth: 9 to 32 meters
Marine creatures: lion fish, Hammer head, Cardboard, Barracudas, Urban Fish, big claps, Oysters, Eels, Scorpion fish, Stone fish, Bat fish, Great Angels, Gypsies.
those who has advanced padi scuba diving or Cmas 2** can dive on the site. Sometimes this current is very high until the beginning of the ship structures, which will drop from the beginning of the ship's head. It is recommended to dive with knowledge of the tied time.

Dobeh Dive site:

Surgery dipped in south of Qeshm and opposite Sousa village
Depth: 10 to 18 meters
Marine creatures: Hamur, Cardboards, Barracuda, box fish, Oysters, Eels
All levels of certified scuba diver can enjoy diving on this site.



Hormuz ship wreck:
The ship sank in the south of the island of Hormuz, which half of it is out of the water
Depth: Maximum 22 meters
Marine creatures: Milkfish, great Barracuda, Hamur, big shellfish, eel and large fish and a good chance to see different kind of sharks
Holders of Advanced Open Water and CMAS ** can enjoy diving on this site.


Larak island site:

An island in the southern part of Qeshm, surrounded by coral reefs, and a rich variety of corals and wild ecosystems is very beautiful and attractive, its suitable for all the levels of scuba divers.
Depth: 4 to 12 meters.

Sea Creatures: Surgeon fish, Hammer head, Sardine, Barracuda, Tuna fish, Torpedo Fish, Stone Fishes, Scorpion fish, Clown fish, Parrots fish, Trigger fish, Butterfly fish, Reef Shark, different Lobster Types.





Cost 2018/19

Group of 5 to 7 / 1600 EUR Per Pax - Full board

Group of 2 to 4 / 1750 EUR Per Pax - F/B







Note 1: The following itinerary is flexible and you can customize it depend on your traveling plan and preferred duration from 5 days safari to the full itinerary which the price will be variable up on your request.



Note 2: If you would like to book any of our expeditions, please complete the online reservation from on our website. We will then contact you with more details about how to complete your booking. Payments may be made in cash on delivery to our expedition leader rather than in advance.



WARNING: value customers! please be aware that if you sign up for any of our expeditions with an outside agency or source, expedition planners team will not be held responsible for any lost of personal items, injury, hospitalization, visa assistance, safety, cancellation or fatality that occurs during the expedition. please stay safe and ONLY sign up for any of our expeditions directly through our website or find our direct contact from our website menu.



Duration: 10D

Total Distance: 3000 KM

Max Participants: 8 packs

Scuba Dive: 6 Sites

Traveling Form: Flight & Ferry

Camping: N/A

Alt: -30 to 1200

UNESCO Site: 3