The white powder (Ski Touring)



When it comes to planning a ski trip, traveller may not really think of Iran, because most of winter travellers count iran as a dry country with not much snow fall; but 55% of iran covered by mountains with high avarage of snow falling in winter.


There are also a few great ski resorts in iran which are internationally known by foreigners and also many local ski lover, the top 3 ski resort in iran are Dizin, Darbandsar & Shemashak, which are included in "The white powder" ski program.


The ski season in Iran is from late Nov to Mid April, And "The white powder" program is designed for international ski lovers to travel to Iran for a week and ride in top 3 ski slops to enrich their experience by riding on iran's mountains.



What is "The White Powder" program?

'The White Powder'' program describes as ski riding adventure travel to best ski destinations of Iran where the Ski & Snowboarding is the primary goal. Typically, but not exclusively, accommodated by Local Houses or ski Resorts. 


Technical Ski & snowboarding skills can be encountered throughout the journey, and the travelers should have additional ski experience; before they enroll in this program. The critical point to the journey is to purpose more of the following: 1. Ski in top 3 Slops of Iran, Dizin - Darbandsar - Shemshak (3 slops), 2. Cultures other than your own, 3. stay with locals & Know the secrets, 4. Self-reliance in unfamiliar territories for multiple days of skiing, 5. ski & explore



Primary purpose: Ski & Explore top 3 ski slops of Iran

Duration: 6 nights

Logistics: Detailed planning is required for logistic, environmental, geographic, camping equipments & supply

Route Finding: local experience

Accommodation: homestay or Resort

International Borders: N/A

Risk: mid risk to personnel, moderate risk to equipment on more challenging tracks.

Terrain: mountainous terrain with low risk of Avalanche



Traveling Plan ( ski in Iran )



Reach to Iran IK airport / pick up and check in to hotel in Tehran / visiting Golestan palace (UNESCO heritage site) / depending on your arrival time

Day 2

hit the to dizin ski resort by 4x4 vehicles / check in to your accommodation / enjoy the hole day of skiing in dizin resort

day 3

breakfast in dizin / ski the second day of the dizin slop lunch in dizin resort / evening gather

day 4

breakfast in dizin / take the tele to the peak to upper car park / taransfer to shemshak slope/ ski the hole day in shemshak slope / lunch in shemshak / countinue sking / tranfser back to dizin

day 5

breakfast in dizin / take the tele to the peak to upper car park / taransfer to Darbandsar slope / ski the hole day in Darbandsar / lunch in ski resort / countinue sking / tranfser back to dizin

day 6 

breakfast in dizin / enjoy sking the hole day in dizin / lunch at the slope or resort / countiue sking / recovery time / gathering dinner

day 7

breakfast in dizin / check out / hit the road back to tehran / check in to hotel in tehran/ transfer to airport depending on your departure time




Notice: please keep in mind that this package of 3 ski resorts is all depend to the weather and snow forecast to be exactly the same as itinary because shemshak ski resort may be close as we experience in some winters due to bad weather condition, but darbandsar and dizin are always open when the weather is accaptable for skiing.



Locations info

Dizin is the largest ski resort in Iran, it is gepographicaly located in the alborz mountain range, about 70km north from tehran. It was established during the 1960s and the top elevation of dizin is 3600m (11,811 ft) and it's base elevation is 2650m (8,694 ft), the skiable area is about 469ha and it is good to know that this ski resort has been officially recognized by the international ski federation and every winter it welcomes tourists and ski lovers from all over the world.


Darbandsar ski resort is the secound largest ski resort in Iran and it is also situated in the same mountain as dizin and shemshak. this slope is one of the famous ski area in iran with snowmaking machines on the pist to make more powdery snow, it's altitute is from 2650 to 3150 meter.


Shemshak ski resort is also situated to the north-east of tehran in the alborz mountain range. Top eleveation of shemshak is 3050m (10,007 ft) and it's base eleveation is 2550m (8,366 ft), shemshak is the third largest ski area in Iran after dizin and darbandsar and it was operated in the year 1958





Accammodation: 7 Nights in Dizin International Hotel

transportation: 4x4 traveling vehicle

Fuel, toll cost, or any cost related to the vehicle

Equipment: N/A

Service of experienced Iranian guidance

Slops entrance: 5 days

Meals: 10 of 21 portion




Ski equipments

Travel \insurance 

Phone calls 

Visa cost

Tip to local guidance

Flight ticket



Slops Restaurant & Lift System 




4 Tele Ski - 3 Chair Lift - 9 Surface Lift + 3 Restaurant




2 Chair Lift - 1 Drag Surface lift - 2 Hammer Tele Ski + 2 Restaurant




2 Chair Lift - 3 Surface Lift + 2 Restaurant





Cost 2018/19

Group of 5 to 7 / 550 EUR Per Pax

Group of 2 to 4 / 650 EUR Per Pax





Note 1:The following itinerary is flexible and you can customize it depend on your traveling plan and preferred duration from 5 days safari to the full itinerary which the price will be variable up on your request.



Note 2: If you would like to book any of our expeditions, please complete the online reservation from on our website. We will then contact you with more details about how to complete your booking. Payments may be made in cash on delivery to our expedition leader rather than in advance.



WARNING: value customers! please be aware that if you sign up for any of our expeditions with an outside agency or source, expedition planners team will not be held responsible for any lost of personal items, injury, hospitalization, visa assistance, safety, cancellation or fatality that occurs during the expedition. please stay safe and ONLY sign up for any of our expeditions directly through our website or find our direct contact from our website menu.



Duration: 7N

Traveling Distance:500 KM

Max Participants: 6 packs

Alt: 1100 to 3600M

Vehicle: 4X4

Camping: N/A

Ski: 3 Slops - 5D

Traveling Form: On Land