Cliff Explorers (Rock Climbing)

What is Cliff Explorers?

Rock climbing expedition "CLIFF EXPLORERS" describes as self-reliant adventure travel to remote destinations where the rock climbing is the primary goal of the program. Typically, but not exclusively, where the principal form of lodging is camping or traditional homestay, often lasting for extended lengths of time in Iran.


Technical rock climbing skills can be encountered throughout the journey, and the travellers should have additional rock climbing & hiking experience at least few time in their lifetime; before they enrole in such a program. The critical point to the term rock climbing expedition is that the purpose is to include more of the following: 1. Rock climbing in Iran (At least 2 wall), 2. Cultures other than your own, 3. camping in Remote location, 4. Self-reliance in unfamiliar territories for multiple days, 5. hiking & Exploring


   1.Primary purpose: Rock climbing, Exploration and adventure travel
   2.Duration: Typically a week
   3.Logistics: Detailed planning is required for Climbing walls, environmental, geographic, camping equipments & supply
   4.Route Finding: Navigation devices & local experience
   5.Camping: Remote location
   6.International Borders: No border cross other than Iran.
   7.Risk: medium risk to personnel, moderate risk to equipment on more challenging tracks.
   8.Terrain: Backcountry travel often includes challenging trails as part of the adventure.


Locations info

 Masouleh valley

stopping by an ancient village called "Masouleh" located 35 km from "Fuman" county in Gilan Province 1050 meter above the sea level. masouleh is well known of its unique and outstanding architecture with interconnected mud houses built on the slope in the heart of Hyrcanian mixed forest.

this historic valley built with harmony between mother nature and mankind, is the choice for visitors from all around the world. hanging out in the old streets and bazaar with yummy food, historic Bazaar and different souvenir shops will fascinate every visitor.



Mount Kohrobbar

Half white, half green; the plain of Mount (Kohrobbar) is a grassland and clouds. The fog of the women's rocks descends from the top of the surrounding hills and the refreshing trees, plunging into plain wooden cottages scattered across the plain. On the wet grass that you walk in and the cool and misty air of the roar that you breathe, in the sound of the sparkling fountains you listen to, you will never miss this journey. In May, with the flowering of yellow and blue flowers, this lovely plain reaches its peak, and in the autumn it has a dreamy outlook from the surrounding forests. No word can describe the beauty of this piece of paradise; it must travel and see.


Mount (kohrobbar) Plain lies at an altitude of 1900 meters above sea level, in the province of Gilan and near the historical village of Masouleh. This beautiful village with its unique architect and mountains, forests and plains surrounded by, hosts thousands of domestic and foreign tourists. Masuleh's special nature has transformed this delicate village into one of the naturalist poles of Guilan province and the favorite destinations of climbers. Masouleh is located 60 km southwest of Rasht, and access is relatively simple, and from there to the mountain range of Rawrar there are around 3 hours of hiking.


With a half hour and a half of birding, and after passing through a small plain known as the Khaldas road, it reached Paradise. Beautiful corridor among the massive trees, which is filled with the perfume of life and its silence and peace of mind. The Paradise Hall is the name that climbers have chosen for this area and they are rightfully grateful for such a scenario. Continuing along the path and passing through a small hill, it suddenly reach Mount Kohrobbar. It quiet, simple, green and cool.


Traveling Plan

Arrive to tehran IK Air port & check in to Accommodation.
Hit the road to Masuleh Village & check in to Traditional accommodation & Explore Masuleh village.
Day 3 
Hiking to kouhroubar Climbing Wall from Masuleh, visit Paradise hull and overnight camping in the area.
Day 4 
Rock climbing on Kohrobbar wall, exploring around the area, then start to decsent to masuleh
Day 5
Recovery in masuleh - Free & optional programs are available. 
Day 6 
Hike to Khar-Bu waterfall & ghale bon climbing site.
Day 7
Hit the road to tehran & check in to accommodation or fly home.


Technical climbing info

route: full/bolt - anchor

Grade: 5.12 AB

Climbing mode: sport climbing

lenght: 250M 



  • Accommodation: 6N Traditional house + 1N camping

  • Transportation: 4x4 travel vehicle
  • Fuel, toll cost, or any cost related to the vehicle
  • Meals: 18 of 21 portion 
  • Equipment: tent, sleeping bag, Matt, cooking gear, cutlery, fridge, GPS
  • Remote areas water, food supplies
  • Camping power supply
  • Experienced guidance
  • Survival kit
  • Rock climbing equipments



  • Travel insurance

  • Phone calls
  • Visa cost
  • Tips to local guidance
  • Flight ticket
  • climbing shoes
  • personal needs





Cost 2018/19

Group of 5 to 7 / 780 EUR Per Pax - Full board

Group of 2 to 4 / 840 EUR Per Pax - F/B





Note 1: The following itinerary is flexible and you can customize it depend on your traveling plan and preferred duration from 5 days safari to the full itinerary which the price will be variable up on your request.



Note 2: If you would like to book any of our expeditions, please complete the online reservation from on our website. We will then contact you with more details about how to complete your booking. Payments may be made in cash on delivery to our expedition leader rather than in advance.



WARNING: value customers! please be aware that if you sign up for any of our expeditions with an outside agency or source, expedition planners team will not be held responsible for any lost of personal items, injury, hospitalization, visa assistance, safety, cancellation or fatality that occurs during the expedition. please stay safe and ONLY sign up for any of our expeditions directly through our website or find our direct contact from our website menu.


Total Distance:1500 KM

Duration: 7N

Alt: 0/0 to +1900M

Hiking: 7KM

Vehicle: 4X4

Camping: 1N to 2N

Waterfal: 3

Max Participants: 6 packs

Offroad: 30Km

Climbing: 2Sites - 6Routes

Traveling Form: On Land