our mission


When it comes to travel to Iran as an explorer or adventurer many people don't have clear idea of how to travel and discover in that specific way, with the fully organized tours and packages participants only have the chances to visit typical commercialized areas and big crowded cities, that mostly can say Ninety percent of tourists in Iran will experience a trip like this – cookie-cutter tours following the well-beaten tourist track which lack originality and authenticity.


Some people find solutions by hiring a local guide to get around or use a hosting website. However, they will still face other difficulties, such as obtaining reliable information. The lack of information and under-development of the tourism industry in Iran makes it extremely difficult for individual tourists to plan a trip here.


With what we figured out After spending years exploring Iran as a team, Expedition Planners was able to gather practical information, with pro team mates, gears, accessories, connections and tuned 4x4 traveling vehicles. now it's the right time for the "expedition planners" team to play an important role to those who really want to explore Iran, experience its beauty, unluck all the countriy's undiscovered secrets and ultimately travel Iran the way no one else have ever done before, for real.Our first mission is to plan overland and technical programs and expeditions that are compatible with explorers and adventurers demand in each specific fields depending on the seasons with reasonable cost.