Iran's Visa

  NOTICE: One of the important reason few people visit Iran is that getting a visa is a difficult process!? based on previous tra

Driving in Iran

Once you land and get out of airport your first adrenaline rush will be the way of driving in Iran.   Everyone seems to be their own Michael Sc

Dress Code in Iran

Female Female's dress code in Iran as an Islamic country is not really restricted specially for tourists. Woman are require to have an ideal cove

Internet & Filtering in Iran

Internet   Internet in Iran works not as well as Europe or other countries but its not so weak as well,In the big cities you will find free WiF

Iranian Currency (Rial & Toman)

the first thing to know is, Rial always has one "Zero" more than Toman, for example 10,000 rial is equal to 1,000 Toman and that is app

Language and communication in Iran

The official language of Iran is Persian or Farsi which is the main language of this country and over 55% of people speaks Persian and off course ther

People & Hospitality in Iran

When it comes to hospitality Iranians are one of the most hospitable people. they are always ready to welcome foreigners and willing to invite them fo

Telephone & sim cards in Iran

In every country they have their own sim cards which can be postpaid or prepaid that tourists can purchase it up on their arrival. tour

vegetarians & food allergic

  Referring to reviews written by plant eaters who traveled to Iran, some find it pretty difficult as an vegetarian, because most of Persia