Arman Shakeri

He born in 1983 in Kerman province in Iran, he entered the filed of ecotourism in 2010 and performed his first tour for foreigners in august 2012, his activity in ecotourism become much more serious in the year 2014.


In march 2014 he did 2 research programs for Tehran university in Dahte-lut desert in 5 days period of time and these programs repeated in 2016 and 2017. he did over 100 tours in Dashte-lut and other deserts in Iran for foreigners from 1 day to 14 days program.


He has his professional team and all the equipment are needed for desert safaris with well equipped 4x4 vehicles, he has been in a documentary TV program which was about deserts in Iran, he has the experience of being in the deserts specially Dashte-lut in every season and in different weather conditions. 


His main activity in ecotourism is in deserts because of his geographical position as he is living in Kerman province which is located near a wide range of deserts in Iran. He also speaks an average English and he has no problem communicating with foreigners.