Ali Eshtiagh


It's all started when he graduated from his major in tourism management and obtaind his degree from "IMI University of Switzerland" on December 2012 and decided to travel and discover Asia also a bit of Europe before finally spending the last few years focusing only on Irans tourism. 


After exploring and backpacking different locations that were based on Eco tourism, in 2013-2014 he decided to stay in one of the island in east Asia to learn more about different nationalities and behaviors and get chances to meet different people from all over the world to understand different culture, ethics and personalities.


After spending almost two years on scuba diving courses and trainings, in 2013 he was finally certified as a PADI Dive Master, EFR (Emergency First Responder), and Rescue Diver. He experienced working in this scope for almost one and half year in one of the dive centers in the island that he used to live and gained more experience in this filed.


Additionally, he also has top qualifications in snowboarding and experience and training endure motorcycles. Since being back in Iran in 2014, he started focusing on Iran's off locations, off-roads, islands, mountains, ski areas and other places of interest, especially for budget travelers, backpackers, and independent travelers.

Now he is ready to engage in different programs and is one of the main members of expedition planners team.