Sepehr Sedighian


After obtaining a degree in 2012 from “IMI University of Switzerland” in “tourism management”, his journey as an independent traveler was further developed with his academic knowledge.


In the meantime, he was also developing a two years project from 2012 to 2014 to capture special moments from below the surface in some unique locations like Maldives, ,Malaysia and central America, And In 2016, he successfully transformed these eye-catching frames into a series named “Lower Than Zero-Zero, which was featured on Iran’s National TV.


In 2015 after 8 years of being away from his home country to explore and master his knowledge in tourism industry around the globe, he finally came back to Iran with a mission to engage his international experience with Iran's tourism industry. his plan was to create a source of practical information for the raising numbers of international explorers and independent travelers who are interested to visit Iran but face problems in different fields.


While exploring overseas in 2013 and 2014, he became an experienced hiker and trekker, leading other trekkers on Annapurna Range in Nepal and to the summit of Pico Torquino, one of the seven highest mountains in the Caribbean. He also conquered the highest peak in Cuba in less than 21 hours (36km distance covered). During this time, he also organized and led international diving programs for westerns for one diving season in Malaysia.


In 2016, Ali eshtiagh and he created EXPEDITION PLANNERS to bring their idea more into the real action with the objectives of running technical expeditions for international travellers in Iran. 


Now in 2018 after 3 years of discovering Iran as an Eco traveler he became one of the key member of our expedition team to hosts and leads expeditions.